The Robust Building System has been Accredited and Approved by Various Associations and Councils Worldwide 

Certified Accreditation by Agrément SA

The Robust Building System is Certified by Agrément South Africa, the body appointed by Public Works to act on behalf of SANS for the Certification of all Alternative Building Technologies (ABT) or Innovative Building Technologies (IBT) in South Africa.

Robust Structures (Pty) Ltd. is the Certificate Holder of the Robust Building System certificate 1999/272.
This certificate can be obtained on request from Robust Structures or Agrément SA. 

Approved Rational Design

NOTE: The Agrément Certificate serves as a Rational Design document for specifications, approvals and quality management requirements.

NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) has acknowledged and approves off the system on the criteria and specifications as stipulated in the Agrément SA certificate 1999/272.

The Building System has also been approved and endorsed by the Miami Dade County Building Code, USA.