As with other innovative and/or alternative systems, Robust is not limited or restrained to a specific moulding, module or dimension. 

An Architects dream without limitations

The walls of the Robust Building System can adapt to any conventional plan requirements and designs.

It is highly flexible and can be formed to fit any form and shape for example: Curved walls, arched openings and any shape of columns. An Architects dream that allows for their creative expression in design.

Is not limited to only build houses but can be implemented to building any walling structure both above and below ground. 

Civil engineered product

The system can be extended and altered to any existing conventional brick or block buildings and the latter can be built onto the Robust Building System walls.

The Robust Building System is a Civil engineered product that can be used in applications such as load bearing walls, columns & retaining walls.

This makes the Robust Building a highly popular in-situ walling system by contractors worldwide.