Exceptional above average Aspects of Performance.

Durable & Resistant

More durable than brick

Fire performance:
Classified Type FR (non-combustible) Fire resistance 60 minutes on internal 90mm walls. 4 Hours Structural Resistance on 130mm thick External walls.

Water penetration:
Satisfactory. Robust buildings meet Agrément South Africa’s criteria for resistance to water penetration and rising damp throughout South Africa and is slightly better than that of brick walls.


Similar to brick in non-coastal areas but better than brick in coastal regions specifically IN Southern Coastal Problematic Area) SCCPA.

Energy & Sound Efficient

Thermal performance:
and Energy Usage:
Way better than brick. External walls were assessed as having R-value of 0.422 m2K/W, way above SANS XA requirement of R-value of 0.35 m2K/W

Acoustic performance:
Robust 90mm internal walls has 50db airborne sound as per values by Agrément South Africa. This surpasses recommended sound insulation values set out in SANS 10218: Part 1.  

Due to the composition of the structure and the monolithic core, Robust is highly suitable for theatres and cinemas where there is a requirement for walls that need to withstand excessive sound vibrations but still maintain sound insulation. 

All purpose Walling System

Use: Single Storey
The Agrement certificate covers the use of the Robust Building System in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single and as an infill panel in multi storey buildings for the uses Agrément SA provides the Rational Engineering Design certification for ABT's in South Africa.

Use: Multi Storey
Agrément South Africa has approved Robust Building System for single storey buildings.
The system may however be used for multi storey application provided an approved competent engineer takes full responsibility.

See Structural Benefits to find out how.

Places of Use

Hereunder is a list of approved Agrément SA application of use. Any other requirement will be approved by an engineer.

(SANS 10400 : Table 1 of Regulation A(20)(1)) set out below:

 places of instruction (A3)
 moderate and low-risk commercial service buildings (B2 and B3)
 moderate and low-risk industrial buildings (D2 and D3)
 places for correctional or mental use (E1)
 Institutions for mental or physical incompetence (E3)
 large shop (F1)
 small shops (F2 and F3)
 offices (G1)
 dormitories (H2)
 semi-detached and row houses (H3)
 dwelling houses and related outbuildings (H4).