Compared to other innovative and conventional systems, Robust is a far more durable product whilst being affordable.

Quick Return of Investment

Robust building costs are comparable to conventional building systems.

Due to the speed in the delivery of units, property developers, government and the community are all winners.

Return of investment in property can now be utilised far sooner than with conventional systems.

Highly compact and therefore can be locked up in a secure place, thus eliminating shrinkage of material.

Low Waste Factor

Speed or "Time is money".

Due to speed of construction the completion of projects is cut in half or even more if compared to timeous conventional systems.
This reduces overhead costs over a period.

With less than 2% wastage and no breakage of material, it eliminates the allowance requirement for waste factors, reduces rubble on site and removal costs thereof.

Far less transport costs due to light weight structure is yet another cost benefit.